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Drug Rehab Center

One of the most renowned drug rehab and addiction treatment centers in the world that offers something other drug rehab programs don’t. Proven methods that heal and repair the
brain to a pre-addicted state.


We address, isolate and eliminate the root cause of addiction by using our proven addiction treatments only found at The Holistic Sanctuary

Drugs & Alcohol

Many drug rehab and treatment centers actually believe drug addiction and alcoholism is an incurable disease. We've proved differently...


Getting the right treatment is key to curing addiction, understanding how and why enables us to heal our clients and permanently end the problem.


When guided through our life-changing rehabilitation, our clients are truly empowered to overcome the bonds of addiction and drug abuse

Addiction Treatment

We heal you Naturally, Holistically, Effectively

The Holistic Sanctuary is the premier addiction treatment center available to people suffering from many unhealthy addictions. We understand addiction and its associated problems from its core because we have faced it ourselves.

By direct experience and based on our healing methods success rate, we can assure that there is a safe and very healthy way to treat and eradicate such a serious problem. Unlike most conventional drug rehab centers where you’re medicated and kept in a static state, here you’re active, empowered, taken care of and set free.

Meet The founder

"Johnny The Healer" is the founder and director of The Holistic Sanctuary. Johnny is also the creator of the Pouyan Method, a brain healing and addiction revising protocol.

Ibogaine Treatment

At The Holistic Sanctuary we know how hard it is to kick opiate, alcohol and other chemical addictions, we've been there, and we are here to help you every step of the way to kick the habit and get cured!

Pouyan Method

Our Exclusive Brain Healing Protocol Pouyan Method Is not offered any where else in the world. The healing protocol “The Pouyan Method” is very rigorous. It includes a lot of detox, cleansing and rejuvenating.


We educate our clients on powerful ways to end negative thought patterns and clear their lives of toxic people and environments to prevent relapse. We teach all of our clients a complete life style change, which is crucial to ending the cycle of addiction.

Addiction Treatment

Our addiction treatment protocols are designed to address, isolate and eliminate the root cause of addiction, not just Band-Aid the symptoms.

Patient Reviews

When you read those complaints, you get the real truth, the unvarnished, detailed recounting of events about everything from the efficacy of the treatment a patient received...

Five Star Rehab Accommodations

Specializing in treating the cause and ending addiction to all drugs and medications, legal or illegal. We do this naturally and effectively without pain, in an environment of peace, safety and security..

Treatment Packages

We are a world renowned and world class healing center - No matter how severe your case might be, when you come into to The Holistic Sanctuary you will walk out healed...

What Do Our Clients say:

Rehab Facility Tour.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, Our Five Star treatment center not only provides the very best treatment from holistically trained professionals, we also maintain a posh facility for your comfort and security. We offer 5-star amenities in an exquisite Baja California location where the optimal weather and breath-taking views promote peace, comfort, and healing.

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